Traditional. Authentic.
Since 1986

Family owned and operated for over 3 generations, we laid the foundation for our first ring in 1986 and have been teaching Muay Thai in Pattaya since. We are not a commercial gym.  We are not here to wear you down with cardio.

We are here to teach Muay Thai.

With fighters in all stages of their careers training here, including kids as young as 7 years old and foreign boxers in their 50s, our focus is to produce real Nak Muay so you can expect the traditional, authentic Thai method.

Hard Work. Discipline. Dedication.

There is no shortcut in learning Muay Thai. The only path to success is through hard work, discipline and dedication. At Petchrungruang we specialize in raising young fighters to compete in Rajadamnern, Lumpinee and Omnoi. Training with us is putting yourself in that same tried and true method of immersion. You won’t learn “tricks,” you will learn technique, skill, balance, confidence and experience Muay Thai as a way of life.

Our gym is fully equipped with:

• 2 Rings

• 6 Heavy bags (3 long)

• Full weigh room with free weights and machines

• Matted floor space

• Sauna room

• Jump ropes, tires, shinpads and gloves

All available for use. If you wish to purchase your own equipment we have a small shop at the front for your convenience. 

Don’t just take our word for it.

“Petchrungruang Gym was never on my itinerary but am glad for the redirect to this family-owned, traditional Muay Thai gym.  Just a stern warning before you decide to pack your gear and go:  WHIP YOURSELF INTO SHAPE NOW! While the gym welcomes everyone, you must realize that Petchrungruang is a serious fighter’s gym; hence, the ethos and everything revolve around the art.”

Muay Try

  “One of the biggest complaints I hear about Thai camps is that there is very little technical instruction and that pad holders just burn through rounds trying to tire farang out. But because the main focus of this gym is to teach the Thai kids and funnel them towards possible Lumpinee success, this isn’t the case here. The kids are almost all at stages in their careers where they are still learning basics, so establishing style and technique is definitely a strong focus.  I need that; that’s really good for me. Kru Nu from the start was very focused on the basics, and on molding the basics into advanced techniques as well. My Muay Thai improved significantly, I feel, in the 6 weeks I was there.”

– Sylvie von Duuglas-Ittu

“Last year I had short but memorible experience training at Petchrungruang gym. First of all the gym facilities are good, clean and tidy. The trainers are very experienced, pateint and friendly as well. I got to train with some top thai fighters, learnt a lot. Thinking of going back again this year. I recommand this gym no matter whether you are a beginner or a pro champion.”