House Next to Petchrungruang Gym – 7000 Baht Rent

If you are planning to train at Petchrungruang for a few months, there is a house for rent right next door.  It’s one bedroom, one bathroom, a common area with a counter that can accommodate a propane stove (or you can buy a hot plate, which is common) for cooking. There’s a small yard surrounding the house with trees for shade and a fence around the perimeter that can be locked at the gate. It’s a cute, small house tucked behind the gym and your neighbors will be some trainers, fighters and their families. The house is currently partially furnished with a Queen Sized bed, large cabinet for clothing, and an air-con unit in the bedroom.

The house can comfortably accommodate a couple or even a group if you want to put a folding mattress in the common room (Thai style). There is an outlet mall just two streets up from the property and a Big C down the other direction, so you can easily access shopping for amenities, sheets and small furnishings, and groceries.

Video Walk Through

This is a walk from the street just outside the gym to the house. You can hear the chicken farm near the back, there’s laundry on the way in/out, and the door isn’t as hard to open as Bank (one of our Lumpini fighters) makes it seem.

Cost for Rent

7,000 baht/ month

8 baht per unit electric
water 100 baht/ person
3,000 baht/week with water and electric included
deposit one month (7,000 Baht) to be returned if no damages are incurred
no contract, but copy of passport required

1 Queen Size bed, 1 dresser, 1 air-con

1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, small yard and encompassing fence

If you are interested in renting this house please contact 


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