Lumpinee Fights – Three Boys Win on 31 January, 2017

Last night on 31st of January we had three young fighters at Lumpinee.

Nabil made his debut on the legendary Bangkok ring at 35 kg (77 lbs) and defeated his opponent, the Southern Thailand Champion, in the 5 round decision.


Team, or Hahahaeng Petchrungruang, has fought at Lumpinee a couple times now. His fight was a rematch against a boy he lost to last time and the gamblers were very excited by the match. Team pulled out the win on points.


And 15 year old Alex was the star of the night. Alex was the youngest westerner ever to fight at Lumpinee when he debuted at 12 years old. Since then he’s fought a handful of times and is building his name and reputation with solid performances. He gave up 2 lbs at weigh in for this fight, stepping on the scale at 50 kg with his opponent at 51 kg, and the excitement over a westerner giving up weight to a Thai was spread all over the grapevine. (Thais frequently give up weight to westerners, but rarely the other way around.)

Alex had a tough fight and won by 3rd round TKO with a beautiful “siap” straight knee, exactly the kind that Kru Den has him drilling all day, every day when he’s training for a fight.

Alex and his opponent at weigh in

Kru Den preparing Alex for the ring

Moments after Alex landed the KO knee in round 3

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