Three Fighters at Lumpinee – 2 June 2017

On the 2nd of June we have three of our top fighters on a single show at Lumpinee Stadium in Bangkok. It’s always exciting to have a few of the fighters getting ready together, so their training is amplified as a team and influences the energy of the whole gym.



(Fight #5) Thongchai is charging toward his 17th birthday in August and this fight will be his first in over 3 months in Bangkok. There was a misunderstanding and false accusation against him in a televised fight at Omnoi – Thonchai was cleared of any wrong doing and the referee was subsequently suspended (for wrong doing) – so this is a bit of a big fight for him coming back after a long lay off.



(Fight #6) Yod PT has had a busy year with a few tournaments in the Bangkok stadia. He’s steady when he’s training and looks fit and healthy for his upcoming match, a very experienced and slick fighter. He’s the pre-Main Event for the show.

(Fight #1) Alex was the youngest westerner to fight at Lumpinee when he debuted the night before his 13th birthday a couple years ago. He has over 50 fights under his belt at the age of 15 and maybe a dozen or so of those at Lumpinee Stadium in Bangkok.

Kru Den helping Alex with his situps after training





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