Petchrungruang Cleans Up at the Pattaya Marathon

Team Petchrungruang


This past weekend, on May 27th, some of our fighters took the morning off from their regular run and participated in the Pattaya Marathon instead. It’s pretty much the same distance as our Silverlake runs (9K) with most of the boys entering the 10K portion of the run. Honestly, it’s a chance for the fighters to do something fun as a group and usually walk away with trophies and medals because they finish faster than most of the “amateur” runners, given that as fighters they run everyday.

Kru Nu is incredibly proud of his son, Bank, who finished 8th placeĀ overall out of around 2,500 participants. That means he placed in the adult categories as well, despite only being 16 (for a few more months). But the Petchrungruang Team had 3 finishers in the top 20, which is very impressive: Bank at Overall (8), Pi Nok (Kru Nu’s older brother) at Overall (11), and Sun at Overall (17).

Starting Line

Pi Nok






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