Angie Fights at Thepprasit in Highlight

Our kathoey fighter Angie has been gaining attention from promoters who are interested in bringing her to their shows around Thailand. On the 28th of August (2017) Angie will be facing a larger opponent in a highlight fight at the local Thepprasit Stadium. There is a 200,000 Baht side bet on the fight, so Kru Nu has been paying close attention to Angie’s training. And she’s just getting stronger.

Angie Petchrungruang will be facing Siansu Humuaydujaruat, who has more Muay Thai experience in his background and outweighs Angie by about 12+ kg. However, Angie trains better and harder, we expect that Siansu only has a few good rounds in his gas tank. The buzz around this fight is pretty high and confidence in Angie’s prowess as a fairly new fighter is solid.

Angie will continue to train hard while also working full time, she owns and operates a small beverage shop on Thepprasit Soi 12. Kru Nu is amping up the intensity in her training in these last couple weeks, before tapering her off just before the fight. Regardless of outcome, we all know Angie will put out a great fight


Petchrungruang and our fighters are proudly sponsored by Royal Thai Residence on Thepprasit Soi 7

3 Fighters in Saraburi June 9th – Angie’s First Televised Fight

On June 9th Kru Nu will drive a group of fighters up to Saraburi for a card, a portion of which will be televised. Mahaheng (Team), Geng Gat, and Angie are all fighting and Angie’s fight will be broadcast on Channel 24.

This is a big step for Angie, our kathoey (“ladyboy”) fighter who has been training for only a little under 2 years. She’s had difficulty finding opponents to face, since the Muay Thai Authorities want her to fight with men but she’s still a beginner and an adult, so the men she’s facing are far more experienced and often quite strong. They don’t take it easy on her. But Angie has a solid record and has beat some good opposition in a string of wins, so we all feel very confident in her upcoming match this Friday.

Mahaheng is the most experienced of the 3 fighters and will be the final fight of the card. He’s a solid fighter and is sure to give his opponent a hard time in the clinch.

Geng Gat is the most recently signed fighter to Petchrungruang Gym. He has a couple fights at Lumpinee and is still gaining experience, but with a winning record against good competition.


Petchrungruang fighters are sponsored by Royal Thai Residence.


Petchrungruang Cleans Up at the Pattaya Marathon

Team Petchrungruang


This past weekend, on May 27th, some of our fighters took the morning off from their regular run and participated in the Pattaya Marathon instead. It’s pretty much the same distance as our Silverlake runs (9K) with most of the boys entering the 10K portion of the run. Honestly, it’s a chance for the fighters to do something fun as a group and usually walk away with trophies and medals because they finish faster than most of the “amateur” runners, given that as fighters they run everyday.

Kru Nu is incredibly proud of his son, Bank, who finished 8th place overall out of around 2,500 participants. That means he placed in the adult categories as well, despite only being 16 (for a few more months). But the Petchrungruang Team had 3 finishers in the top 20, which is very impressive: Bank at Overall (8), Pi Nok (Kru Nu’s older brother) at Overall (11), and Sun at Overall (17).

Starting Line

Pi Nok






Seven Fighters Tonight in Ang-Thong

This afternoon (25 March, 2017) a caravan of vans, trucks and cars will be departing from the gym to drive about 3 hours up to Ang-Thong. Petchrungruang has seven (7!) fighters on the card and, in true Thai style, we’re bringing an entourage of family, teammates, and gymmates to help in the corner and cheer.

In each of the photos below one fighter is missing. First, Team wasn’t pictured because he wasn’t added onto the card until the next day (short notice, but we’re always training so we’re always ready); then in the second photo YodPT was absent. So, put the photos together and you’ve got the whole group.

From left: Podee, Gaengat, Alex, Thongchai (Bank), YodPT (Dti), Angie, and Kru Den (missing is Manahaeng)

From left: Thongchai (Bank), Gaengat, Alex, Podee (front), Manahaeng (Team), and Angie (missing is YodPT)

Petchrungruang Fighters at Lumpinee – September 2016


From left: Gai Chon, Geng Gat, Ngatao, Thongchai, Alex, and Mod Ek


This weekend on September 16th, four of our fighters from Petchrungruang Gym will be fighting at Lumpinee Stadium in Bangkok. Fighting at Lumpinee is a big deal for young fighters, it’s where they gain exposure and experience on the bigger stages. At Petchrungruang, we specialize in raising young boys to be Lumpinee, Rajadamnern and Omnoi fighters.

Thongchai (Bank) is the most experienced at the National Stadium out of these 4 boys. He’s had a number of fights at Lumpinee already and as he’s grown in size and reputation his challenges have increased as well. Thongchai had been training for a fight at Omnoi, on TV, but his opponent failed to make weight and the fight was cancelled. So he rolled that last fight training into getting ready for this one a couple weeks later and we’re excited he gets to climb into the ring this time. He’s in good shape and ready to go. Thongchai is the third generation of the Petchrungruang family of fighters; his father Kru Nu is our head trainer and gym manager and his grandfather Khun Bamrung founded the gym in 1986. His name means “victory flag.”

Alex just turned 15 and has been with us at the gym for a few years now. He’s grown into his own recently and this fight at Lumpinee has a bit of spotlight on it as Alex is coming off of a big win at MAX Muay Thai Stadium here in Pattaya, on the televised Sunday show. It was Alex’s first televised fight and he did wonderfully, so the buzz around him at the moment is high.

Geng Gat is the newest addition to Petchrungruang Gym as a contracted fighter. His paperwork went through in Chonburi just a week before this fight and this will be his debut at Lumpinee. He’s still too small in weight to be on the main card (there is a 100 lbs minimum) but he’ll be fighting on the pre-show before the main program starts. It’s a great way for young fighters to gain experience in the big stadium before stepping into the main cards. Geng Gat’s fight name means “brave” and it suits him. He’s had a few fights since coming to the gym at the local Thepprasit Stadium and he is a fearless and menacing fighter in those ropes.

Ngatao’s name means “gray ivory,” and he is managed and signed to the Bor. Woralak Gym, which is technically separate from Petchrungruang but they do not have a gym and they train with us, in the same ropes and under the same roof with the Petchrungruang boys. We also corner for one another and cheer one another on, so we all grow together as a team despite the difference in name. Ngatao has been growing steadily in his reputation and skill (and size) as a fighter and he’s coming off some solid wins at more prestigious cards, including the televised Muay Dee Witee Thai show.

Wishing the best of luck for all these fighters!


Update: Geng Gat, Alex and Thongchai all won their fights decisively. This is Alex’s 6th victory in a row and he’ll be preparing to fight on the televised MAX show again mid-October. Thongchai took a dominant victory over his much-taller opponent and looked very strong. Ngatao fought strong and hard against a tricky, more experienced opponent and he won each round until his opponent narrowly stole the fight midway through the 5th round. It was a disappointing loss but we’re proud of how Ngatao fought. With experience comes knowledge for the next time. Congratulations to all four fighters!


Geng Gat wins his debut fight at Lumpinee


Kru Den, Alex, Alex’s father Mirko, and Kru Nu

thongchai-petchrungruang-lumpinee ngatao-bor-lumpinee

Thongchai with his opponent at weigh in        Ngatao with his opponent at weigh in

alex-petchrungruang-weigh-in thongchai-petchrungruang-lumpinee-win

Alex with his opponent at weigh in            Thongchai and the team after winning


Interview with Young Petchrungruang Fighter – Team Petchrungruang

team teep
Team “Mahahaeng Petchrungruang” teeping his opponent at Thepprasit Stadium in Pattaya


Team is one of Petchrungruang’s fighters. He’s been training with us for 5 years (his fight name is “Mahahaeng”, which means “great fortune”) and lives in one of the apartment rooms that encircle the gym itself. Team’s older sister and her two kids (one girl, one boy) live in that apartment, along with Team’s mother, who runs a small restaurant stall at the front of the gym. She offers a wide seleciton of stir-fried, single-dish meals and it’s a social place for gym members to gather for a bite after training in the evenings. During training in the ring we can often smell the delicious aromas of her cooking as it wafts through the gym.

This September Team will be making his debut at Omnoi Stadium in Bangkok. He has fought once before at Lumpinee, but his weight is still too low for him to be a regular stadium fighter. He fights at 40 kg (88 lbs) and the Bangkok stadiums have a 100 lbs minimum for the main shows. Still, it’s a good challenge for Team, who has cut his teeth fighting at the local stadiums in Pattaya and at festival shows around the Chonburi area. He’s a tough fighter, very quick and keen to throw kicks and heavy punches before locking his opponents in a low clinch and often taking them down. At 15 years old and walking around at about 43 kg, Team is in an interesting position at the gym: he’s older than most of the boys his size and significantly smaller than most of the boys his age/level. Team has already fought about 60 times. So matching him up in training for sparring or clinch is an exercise in Team’s skill raising the level of the younger boys or his own size being a significant challenge in raising his own skills against the bigger boys at his age range. In either case, Team always rises to the challenge.


Team Petchrungruang pads



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