With a Trainer

Daily 400 Baht Padwork 1 Session
  700 Baht Padwork 2 Sessions
Weekly 1,800 Baht Padwork 1 Session
  3,300 Baht Padwork 2 Sessions
Monthly 5,000 Baht Padwork 1 Session
  9,000 Baht Padwork 2 Sessions

Petchrungruang Padwork

Fitness Only [no trainer]

Daily         100 Baht

Monthly    1,000 Baht

Petchrungruang Weight Room

Muay Thai training is every day Monday-Saturday morning and afternoon (Sunday closed). The weight room is open from 9 AM – 7:00 PM. We have two prices, one is for padwork once per day (you choose morning or afternoon session) and one is for padwork twice per day. If you just want to work out, without a trainer, that price includes unlimited access to the weight room and Muay Thai facilities but with no padwork.

What Training Includes

We are an authentic Muay Thai gym, so our focus is the program designed for fighters. For Group Training, everyone (including pro fighters) gets 3 rounds of padwork (4 min each, 1 min break). Clinching, sparring, padwork, shadow and conditioning are all up to you. If you need assistance with any of these elements, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Private Training

Private sessions are 800 Baht for 1 hour, 1-1 with a trainer.