Raise a fighter

Petchrungruang is a great gym for kids. Very few commercial gyms in Thailand accommodate young children well, as their programs are based around tourists. Petchrungruang is first and foremost a fighter’s gym and still sticks to the family-style training at its roots. Our fighters are local boys who have grown up within the ropes of the gym, some of them continuing on to become renowned fighters. While many other gyms can certainly offer a trainer to hold for kids, at Petchrungruang we have young kids and young fighters with whom international kids can be thrown in with the pack – they actually have training partners and our trainers are accustomed to (and have great experience in) raising up young fighters. We provide a safe, fun and welcoming learning experience to all children, at all levels.

Our top fighters, right now in their mid-to-late teens, have grown up together at Petchrungruang. The next generation is always right behind them.